Mental Awesomeness

The mental aspect of life is another vital area to become awesome in. Without mental awesomeness, there is just no point in becoming awesome in the other areas. 

This is where the very essence of awesomeness lies – if you don’t have an awesome mind, you simply cannot call yourself awesome.

But what is an awesome mind? 

Just as with the other kinds of awesomeness, the definition of mental awesomeness varies greatly from person to person. However, regardless of how you define it, there are four components that are essential for an awesome mind:

The Key Components of an Awesome Mind

Anyone can have an awesome mind – it’s simply a matter of continuous training of the mind, just the same as with the body. However, there are basically four components which you need to continuously develop to maintain an awesome mind;

Discipline - This is the most important aspect to leading an awesome life. Without discipline, you just can't hope to achieve mental, nor physical or social, awesomeness. Developing your discipline should therefore be a number one priority in your journey to awesomeness.

The Right Mindsets - this may seem iffy, but the way you think about and view things is absolutely crucial in order to become awesome. The way you've been raised has left you with a certain way of thinking, which is most likely holding you back in some ways. Only by questioning the way you think, and reshaping it the way you want can you reach the awesomeness you desire.

The Process of Learning - this is another --- that's holding us back. Most people tend to stop actively learning the day they leave school, which means they stop developing their ability to learn new things. In order to become more awesome, it's important to develop your process of learning, so that you are able to actually take in and learn from new information.

The Will to Improve - this is the most important component of an awesome mind - the will to improve, and always strive towards becoming more awesome. With this will, nothing can stand in the way of reaching the other aspects of awesomeness.

If you focus on developing these four components, you will find that not only does your mind grow more awesome, but it becomes a lot easier to reach your goals in the other aspects of awesomeness as well.

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